Hiring A DUI Lawyer Queens NY

DUI in NY is called DWI. A DUI conviction can affect your record. You can lose job and driving privileges. Alcohol and drug related violations while driving can invite harsh punishments, fines, penalties and even jail terms. Driving while intoxicated or DWI charge affects a person’s life in various ways. There are two other related offenses. The first is DWAI or driving while ability impaired, and DWAI/Drugs or driving while ability impaired by a drug which is not alcohol. You should seek support of a DUI lawyer Queens NY if you have been charged for a DUI offense.

There are two types of cases under which violators are charged for drug or alcohol related offenses in Queens New York. Your driving license will be revoked if you fail or refuse to take a break analyzer test. It can result in automatic suspension of your driving privileges for six months. In the second type of case, you can be arrested for a criminal DWI offense. You can face 1-7 years of jail time. The fine can range from 125-10,000 dollars. The fine amount increases if felonies and misdemeanors charges are added.

You can apply for a conditional license and receive it if it is your first DWI or DWAI conviction. The New York DMV will determine if you can be granted participation in the DDP or Drinking Driver Program. Your involvement in the DDP program can be stalled by the judge if your offense makes you ineligible for this program. The idea behind this program is to stop problematic drivers from repeating the same offense. It helps improve traffic safety for everyone.

You are required to pay for Driver Responsibility Assessment Program in addition to fees and fines. You have to pay for this program to the DMV for three years. If you are required to pay for this assessment, you will receive a statement from the DMV. This amount depends on the type of your DUI offense. The assessment charge can be 250 dollars in drug or alcohol related violation where the offender refuses the chemical test. It is an annual charge so in three years you will be paying a total of 750 dollars. You may have to pay other surcharges and fines depending on the types of violations and the points given to you for these violations.

It is important to take a DUI charge in NY seriously because it can have long term consequences. Any criminal record affects a person’s personal freedom, future and employment prospects. It can be difficult to understand the legal process and courtroom proceedings on your own. Consult an experienced DUI lawyer queens New York area. The lawyer will evaluate your case and provide you expert legal opinion. The professional will advise what actions you should take. Opinion of an experienced DUI lawyer will help you avoid severe punishment and fines. Time is critical in such cases so initiate your legal challenge immediately with the help of a DUI lawyer Queens NY.